196. Why do I write?

I have had people sitting down with me and asking me upfront, “Why do you write? Why do you showcase your vulnerability, your thoughts and feelings to the world? Why do you share so much?”

It’s because I’ve been through enough rough patches in life to know that everyone needs someone to tell them, “It’s ok, we’re all in this together. We’re going to be alright.”

Writing, to me, is a way to give back to the world. Some people share fashion, some people share fitness tips… I share basic human spiritual ideas. We are all going through our own battles in life. It always helps to know that we’re not alone.

Thank you to all who have reached out to me via Facebook, emails or text, and shared with me how my words have helped you in one way or another. It keeps me going. ❤

Here’s to more writing and more giving back!


3 thoughts on “196. Why do I write?

  1. HI!! I was following you in instagram for a few weeks before finally decided to check your blog out. Wow, you are such an amazing writer and the way you express your thoughts like tunes of a beautiful melody is really admirable. I am jealous lol. I really like this post a lot because I have been blogging for donkey years and people always ask me why I ‘waste time’ time writing. I guess some people will never get it?

    However to be able to write on a consistent basis is tough as work gets busier and busier each day and each year. 😦

    Linking you my blog site as well in case you wanna link up. You never know what the future has in store for us right?

    So yup, I will be following this blog from now! Keep up the awesomeness! 😀

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