181. Strike a pose


I was walking along the streets near Petaling Street, snapping pictures when I bumped into a bunch of men shifting items into a new shop. One of them started a joyful banter with me as I passed by, “Adik amek gambar eh? Nak amek gambar kita tak?” [You’re taking pictures? Wanna take ours?]

Now there’s 2 things I’ve learnt: 1) Appreciate the kindness of strangers and 2) When men try to chat you up, follow your heart with regard to the next move.

This time round, I knew he didn’t mean any harm and was, in fact, just trying to flirt, so I played along with it. You do need this kind of positive human interaction once in a while when you’re travelling alone, just to lift your spirits, y’know.

“Okaylah bang, saya amek gambar tapi kena handsome tau!”  [Ok! I’ll take your picture but you have to be handsome ok!]

He ended up climbing the scaffold to pose for me. Lol. He then jokingly said, “Baik-baik jalan adik. InshaAllah Allah jaga ok!” [Take care. May Allah take care of you, God willing!]

To which I smiled and walked away, high spirits and all. 🙂

Have a lovely Friday everyone! 🙂

P.s. All the translations were loosely done but hopefully you get the gist of it! 😉

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