172. Sneak Peek!

Alhamdulillah, the Eid visit to the children homes in Batam was a success! I have so much more to say for this but before that, here’s a sneak peek of the celebration in the first home we visited! Video credits to my dear friend, Sakinah! 🙂

Things are slightly hectic now, now that I’ve accepted the fact that my previous attempt to establish a routine was an abysmal failure. Okay, maybe not a failure but a realisation that it wasn’t the best arrangement for my body. I wasn’t able to study in the early morning post-Fajr prayers, usually ending up getting distracted with breakfast and other stuff. I get tired after coming back for tuition but my concentration level is still better at night than in the morning so… that has got to be taken into account.

So here’s trying to get into a new routine and clearing all the backlog!

I’ll be back with more soon, inshaAllah!

One thought on “172. Sneak Peek!

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