160. Torre de las Damas (Ladies Tower)

Ok I’ll be honest: I’m writing out this entry as a delay tactic before I continue the inevitable cleaning of the house for Eid.

So the last time I wrote about my time in the Alhambra, I was at the concluding stage of my time in the Nasrid Palaces.

Upon exiting the palace complex (I spent a good 2 hours in it!), I found myself in the Garden of the Partal. Within the garden are these beautiful pond and tower.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a water-child. I absolute love love love water and anything related to it – rain, waterfalls, lakes, sea, ponds etc. Naturally, I gravitated towards this particular feature of the garden. And it doesn’t hurt that the reflection of the tower in the water just adds on to the magical feel.

The Ladies Tower (Torre de las Damas) is the most important building of those that belonged to the magnates who lived around the Royal Palace during the Arab period and its decoration is the oldest of the Alhambra. It has received many and different names, depending on who inhabited it, although since the late 18th century it was called the Ladies Tower.


The tower caught my attention primarily because of its semi-restored state. I loved that there is a sense of decay and time-worn tiredness.

I guess it made it feel more real, like there isn’t any pretense to relive an old glory cosmetically – think old women and botox.

There was a stone ledge beside the tower that provided a stunning view of the valley below and the pond, so I sat down for some respite. After hours of gaping and being blown away in the Nasrid Palaces, it was time for me to take a rest.

Now how’s that for a view?

The city of Granada on one side and the Generalife on the other.

I could have sat there all day but…. I didn’t. I proceeded to the Alcazaba and the Generalife next. (:

But before I proceed to the final lap of my Alhambra series, here’s wishing all Muslims a blessed Eid Mubarak! May all our deeds in Ramadhan be accepted and may we remain steadfast in striving to be better Muslims even after Ramadhan. (:

Much love! ❤

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