159. Yusuf.

I left a part of my heart in Batam.

At the first home we arrived at, there were a group of young children playing in the front. As my aunts went in to settle the donations stuff, I stayed out & played with the kids.

I was immediately attracted to the youngest boy who still had snot on his nose. I could see him appraising me from afar, still shy & unsure of my presence. I coaxed him to come near me but he kept still with wary eyes. I proceeded to play with the girls & before I knew it, he was standing next to me & holding my hand.

For the next few minutes, he brought me into his world as he played hide & seek (y’know, the cak-cak kind) behind the small pillars & then showed how he plays with the dustbin that was there.

When it was time for me to leave, he ran to hide behind a motorbike. I tried to coax him to wave goodbye but he refused. As I sat in the van & it reversed, I nearly teared when I saw him staring at the retreating van with incomprehension in his eyes.

Ah Yusuf, I wished I could have brought you home with me & bring you up as my own.


My child, may He always protect you & fill your heart with love for Him, may you always have enough & may you be the beacon of light for others. :’)

You will always be remembered as the little angel who stole my heart.

3 thoughts on “159. Yusuf.

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