152. Standing up to abuse

Once again, I was distracted in the midst of typing out another entry. Oh well, can’t help the fact that I keep stumbling upon awesome videos!

This video’s title grabbed my attention by sheer virtue of its high relevance. I knew I needed to watch it and alhamdulillah, I’m glad I did. I’m sure different people will get different take-aways from it but the below quotes struck the most for me.

“Patience doesn’t mean you can abuse me. Patience doesn’t mean you can walk all over me… Patience and forgiveness doesn’t mean you allow someone to wrong you again and again.”

“When someone is wronging you again and again, you need to take active measures to stop that from happening. It is part of your ibadah.”

“How do we help our brother if he is the oppressor? The Prophet saw said, “Stop him from oppressing.””

Allah, such timely reminder. Alhamdulillah.

If you are being abused, no matter in what sense (physical, emotional, mental, financial etc), may you be given strength to stand up to the abuse and help the oppressor.

Forgive and help the oppressor. Forgive and help, just as you wish Allah to forgive and help you. But also know that helping may also mean walking away from the situation and no longer enabling the oppressor to oppress for longer. ♥

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