150. The Comares Palace

Now that I’ve gotten the previous entry out of the way, I’m well on my way to jump back on the writing bandwagon, alhamdulillah!

*Pardon the quality of photos for these 2 halls. I was still in state fresh out of crying! 🙂

The Comares Palace

The Comares Palace is the most important palace of the Alhambra. It was the official residence of the sultan and the place where the “throne” hall was located. It was built and richly decorated by “Yusuf I”, who was responsible for most of the existing constructions of the Alhambra.

It contains the Hall of Barakah (blessing in arabic) and the Hall of Ambassadors. The latter is the place where the throne was placed. This was the biggest and most majestic hall and where the official receptions took place. The hall is decorated with poems prasing Allah or the emir, and there are also texts from the Qur’an and the slogan of the king, “Wa la ghalib ila Allah” (And there is no conqueror except of Allah/God).


Once I was done with the crying, I walked back out to the Court of Myrtles to grab some fresh air and people watch. It was such a liberating feeling, to finally be able to walk with a lighter load. I was finally smiling from within again, and that my dear, meant so much to me.

It was in the court too that I sent out a prayer and a wish that one day, I will be back again with a loved one. There’s just too much beauty for a single soul to experience and not share. InshaAllah, who knows what the future holds? (:

Hall of Barakah

The corner where I cried. :’) Such beauty!

I particular liked the colours used in the Hall of Barakah.

Doorway from the Hall of Barakah to the Hall of Ambassadors

Hall of Ambassadors

The Hall of Barakah and the Hall of Ambassadors were absolutely stunning! Can you imagine being a delegate (or anybody really) during the reign of the Caliphate and walking into such an intricate hall? MashaAllah! I’d definitely be awed/envious/humbled, whichever mood I was feeling that day! 😛

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