144. Patio of the Gilded Room & the Gilded Room

As I walked out of the Mexuar into the Patio of the Gilded Room, I could already sense the difference in the architecture. It seemed the architects decided that they needed to up their game after the Mexuar.

Patio of the Gilded Room

This small patio between the Mexuar and the Gilded Room (belonging to the Comares Palace) connects both palaces.

The Gilded Room

The Gilded Room is so called because of the painted Mudejar style of its coffered ceiling. At the entrance there is a portico with three arches on columns with marble capitals from the 12th century

“Wa la Ghalib ila Allah”

Fun fact: One of the typical elements of Andalucian architecture is the horseshoe arch with sprandel (square wide frame which envelopes the arch).

I actually loved looking up at the upper windows around the Alhambra. I’d let my mind wander and then start imagining how it’ll be like if I was one of the people staying there eons ago. How I’d wander around and would occasionally look out of the windows down into whatever business was going on the ground.

Of course, if I were to be honest, a female living in the Alhambra then…. I’d probably be one of the Sultan’s wives, mistresses or slaves. And I wouldn’t have much freedom to walk around alone, much less wander aimlessly.

I think I watch too many period shows. 😛

2 thoughts on “144. Patio of the Gilded Room & the Gilded Room

  1. Hello you! Ive followed you in IG few weeks ago I was awed by how much you travel! You made me feel I am missing a lot in this world! heheh. Lucky you! Post more pictures of you and ur travel days aight!

    • Hello dear! Thank you and I will keep posting! Alhamdulillah, I’ve been blessed! (: You’ve still time to go out and see the world! 😀 All the best for your wedding preps!!

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