141. Entering the Nasrid Palaces

Palacios Nazaries, or the Nasrid Palaces, is a cluster of three palaces which used to be the residence of the Nasrid kings, the last Hispano-Arab governers of Al-Andalus. It can be divided into three main parts: The Mexuar, the Comares Palace and the Palace of the Lions.

Personally, it wasn’t only the star attraction of the Alhambra but one that had the most emotional impact. But before I share the turmoil that was going in within me, let me share the practical aspects first.

The Nasrid Palaces is the only part of the Alhambra that has timed entry. As mentioned in the earlier post, only 300 visitors are allowed to enter every half hour so be mindful of the timing allocated to you!

I was due to enter at 5pm and this was the line at 4.30pm. Erm, oooops?

Trying to distract myself whilst queuing up.

Apparently most people start queuing up at least an hour before they were due (I guess Singaporeans aren’t the only kiasu ones?). The couples in front and behind me in the queue were due to enter at 5.30pm and 6pm respectively! I’ve heard stories of people needing to get new tickets/time slots to enter if they missed theirs so I got slightly anxious.

Actually anxious banyak lah….

At 5pm, I was still only about three-quarter in the queue so…. I jumped the queue and went straight to the front. There were quite a few people giving me killer looks but…. it didn’t matter. I needed to get in!

I waved my ticket to the official and kept saying 5pm until he let me through to the inner gate, alhamdulillah. After I did that, a few other people did the same thing.


(Menangis tak berlagu ok kalau tak dapat masuk!)

So here’s a definite tip: Allocate time to queue in advance for entrance to the Nasrid Palaces, especially if you’re there during peak season! You definitely do not want to risk missing the chance, trust me!

The entrance per se was rather uninteresting but once I saw this doorway…

I got really excited!

I’m finally in the Nasrid Palaces!!

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