135. Good men are for good women.

I’ve only ever heard or read stories about finding your Muslim other half in a halal manner from wordofmouth or the many Facebook pages. At best, these stories gives a sense of hope, of a fairytale possibly within reach to the lay person. At worst, these stories will be accompanied with a tinge of incredulity, with a sense of “Really? For real?”, be it on the part of the sharer or the listener.

Yet revelation comes at its own time and with its own wisdom.

I met Kak Maya a few days ago, while playing in the park. One look at her and no one would have guessed she’s a Masters graduate in Electrical Engineering. Pint-sized and oh-so-sweet, she’s a ball of talents.

After our running around session, somewhere we got to talking about how she met her husband. (Trust me, I was surprised when she said she was married.) What she said…. Made my heart fill up with so much love and hope. It was the epitome of “Good women are for good men, and good men for good women.” [Surah An-Nur:26]

Kak Maya and (abg) Luqman were both studying in Manchester but never once talked in person. They would only occasionally cross paths (literally) when either was going home or to the musollah near her place, and their conversational contact revolved around Facebook comments of friends’ post.

Unbeknown to her, he has been asking friends about her. When he has found out enough, he asked to meet her, accompanied by friends.

On their FIRST meet up, he asked her 3 (maha direct!) questions: 1) Was she attached? 2) Was she ready to get married within a year? 3) Will she be his wife?

•At this point, I went AWWWWWWWWWWW –

Caught totally off-guard, Kak Maya requested 2 weeks before she gave an answer. She did istikharah(s), asked around and looked within, before she finally said yes.

After she said yes, they met at a married friends’ place to do their ‘ta’aruf’, which is basically a method of getting to know each other that is in line with syariah. (Go google this. Super interesting.) After they’ve done this and are fine with what they know and are ready to proceed to the next level, their parents got in touch and… They got married within TWO months!

No dating nonsense whatsoever.

Now they’re residing and working in Manchester together. I just saw their wedding photos and I couldn’t help but be so happy!

I tell you, there is hope. What Kak Maya said towards the end struck a chord within me, “Don’t worry about looking for your partner. Work on becoming better first and live your life. When the time comes, it’ll drop on you like a bomb.”

God’s promise is always true. Only Muslims like to cut corners and make excuses for ourselves. May I be amongst those who are kept steadfast in their goals, ameen. 🙂


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