129. High


Had the craziest day today, alhamdulillah! What was supposed to be a late lunch date with my sisters turned out to be a whole day affair, with me going around more of of Greater Manchester in the few hours than in the past 5 months combined!

The date was supposed to be a meet-up with Sis Faridah and Madeeha (the ones I met at the Pearl Daisy tea party) and to introduce them to Hui Ying (since she’s staying on in Manchester). HY brought her friend, an awesome Indonesian ibu whom by the end of the day, has established herself as my future mother in law (HAHAHAH). We went from having a sumptuous lunch in Nandos, to having a ball of a time in a park, to hanging out over tea and cakes at Madeeha’s place before ending up in Salford to take Ibu Mimi home.

I am deliriously happy. We make up a crazy group, all entirely different from one another, but beautifully united with one purpose – ukhuwwah fillah abadan abada. ♥

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