125. Mirador San Nicolas

Throughout the 4 days I was in Granada, I visited Mirador San Nicolas repeatedly.

It was a short climb up the winding backstreets of the Albayzin, about 15 minutes from my hostel.

Mirador means lookout and San Nicolas is the name of the church on the square.

I’ve got to say, it boasts unbeatable views of the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada and the city- possibly the best view in Granada.

On any given day, there’ll be buskers, street performers, gypsies selling trinkets and jewelleries, tourists and locals in the square, all taking advantage of the spectacular views.

In this video, you’ll get to see the mirador on a not-so-crowded day, with buskers singing in the back. Absolutely serene.

If the video doesn’t convince you enough that you need to save up and get your butt to Granada, I don’t know what will. ♥

I kept coming back; I couldn’t resist its charm.

I’d go during the day, before I ventured out to other places. I’d go at sunset, just to watch the majesty of the whole view of seeing the sun set upon the Alhambra. I’d go any opportunity I could get.

Credits: apartamentosturisticosgranada.com

The view at dusk.
Credits: apartamentosturisticosgranada.com

I’d grab a gelato and just eat it while looking out. I’d read a book. I’d journal. I’d people watch. I’d just… hang out.

There was no rush to be anywhere. There was no pressure of time, of company, of needing to keep up. I pretty much had all the time to reflect, journal and heal. This was where a lot of my spiritual thought processes happened – it was where I allowed my inner voice to finally be heard.

Perhaps it was the view of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada that made me believe again. The former a sign of Muslim prowess in the region once upon a time ago; the latter, a sign of the majesty of God. It made me realise how small I was and how insignificant whatever problems I was feeling then. It also made me realise how blessed I was, how Allah had chosen me to go through all these on my own, with only Him as my guide and protector.

He takes and gives at His own timing. My blessings and the blessings of others aren’t the same, but blessings they still are, all the same.

This lookout and the lookout from the mosque were where it clicked in me that the journey was happening the way it was meant to be. There was still lots of letting go and moving on to do but, I was where I needed to be. It wasn’t easy but He was teaching me something, and I had to be open to it.

Everything happens for a reason, I never doubted that. He took me away from a toxic situation and brought me to a place where I could find peace again. Henceforth in my journey, the emotional burden I carried was a lot lighter.

Is there any wonder why I kept saying I left a part of me in Granada?

Granada, keindahanmu tiada tandingan. Sungguh, aku rindu.

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