121. Of new friends and exploring (Pt 1)

Hostels are a fantastic place to make new friends – you’ll get to meet (solo) travellers like yourself, all with a story of their own.

No 1 rule in hostels: Be sociable. *
You’ll never know who you’ll meet, the stories you’ll hear or the lessons you’ll learn.
Of course, along the way you’ll learn to identify and steer clear of douchebags/dodge people.
There are multiple areas to socialise in a hostel – your room, the common room, the minibar and in some places, the rooftop.

Mad love for the rooftop in Oasis Backpackers Granada!

My first night in Granada, just as I was about to head to bed after the little mishap that happened, in walked a spirited woman brimming with energy into the room.

Since the norm in hostels is for everyone to be friendly (unless you’re a grumpy old soul whose goal in life in to be miserable but then again, you wouldn’t be in a hostel room if you were one), we started talking. She suggested to continue our conversation in the mini bar area next to the reception and I was like, “Why not?”. Might as well!

Pretty good decision.

The good thing about hostel minibars is that you’re not obliged to drink, so fret not if you’re not a drinker, like me! I just had tap water (Granada has the best tap water in Andalucia!) while the rest had their drinks. The conversations flowed as more people joined us and before I knew it, we’d already planned to watch a flamenco concert together the next night!

Rule no 2: Utilise the facilities/activities the hostels have for you.
There are usually free tours, language lessons, cultural activities, bar crawls etc that the hostels have available for travellers. Information is readily available, if not, ask reception. The free tours are always a good way to see a place for the first time and meet other travellers.

I wanted to go on the free walking tour organised by Oasis the next morning but as it turned out, the guide didn’t come – he was too sick. I highly suspected he was nursing a terrible hangover but oh well.

Since a couple of us were already gathered in the common room, we decided to explore Granada (or really, the area within walking proximity of our hostel) on our own!

Farmer’s Market

These strawberries were divine!

Something close to home.

Churros Stop

You can never go wrong with this!

Area near the Cathedral

There was a wedding going on in the cathedral so we didn’t really linger around. It’s a pretty amazing structure though!

Alcaiceria (shopping district)

Main square in Albayzin

Being the kindred spirits of wandering souls that we are, we did a whole lot of this too:

Got off the well-beaten track and started exploring the backalleys!

The Albayzin has such fascinating backalleys, it feels almost necessary to devote an entry for that so… keep a look out for that next! I’ll be sharing more about these amazing people I met too. 🙂

Myself, Meaghan, Kiley and Tracey after our little adventure trooping the backalleys of Albayzin

Right, now that I’ve scratched this blogging itch for a bit, it’s time to head back to revision! Be back soon! xx

*I’m just making up these rules as I go along, so take it with a pinch of salt. 🙂

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