120. Power differences


If you’ve traveled enough, you’ll know the pains of the differences in power outlets and power voltages in different countries. I remember when I first traveled to Thailand a couple of years ago, not knowing the outlets were different (I wasn’t research-savvy then). I ended up spending precious time searching for an adaptor cos y’know, I needed to charge my phone and camera – not good!

I dare say (I think) I’m a lot wiser in that department now, for I’ve invested in this baby:


International AC Travel Adaptor

This is brilliant as it saves money (you don’t need to buy multiple adaptors for different countries) and it saves space too. Definitely a must-have if you’re travelling!

Now why am I sharing this? For one, I’m imparting some form of knowledge (haha) but really, now that you know this, let me tell you the foolish thing I ended up doing on my first night in Granada.

This is how the power outlets in Spain looks like:


This is what my battery charger’s plug looks like:


Do you see where this is going? >.<

I was using the adaptor the entire time in Malaga but when in Granada, the brilliant me decided that I could try to ditch the adaptor. I mean, the points look like they match right…?

Right AND wrong.

The points may look similar but the power voltages are different!

I plugged it in and…. the power in my room shut down.


I knew that wasn’t a good sign. As I rushed to the reception to get the power switched back on, I was hoping so badly that my battery charger wasn’t broken. C’mon, I NEED MY CAMERA.

But of course, there was a short circuit in my charger too. *cues dramatic music* That basically meant I had no camera battery charger for the rest of the trip. 😥


To be honest, every trip has its ups and downs, I expected that.

There was no way I was going to let this particular incident get me down so I held my chin up and adapted quickly (hahaha get it?) to the situation. There was still some power left in my battery so I reserved it for the Alhambra. I spent the rest of the trip snapping pictures on my iPhone4 – thankfully I still have the charger for that!

The pictures for the rest of the trip may not be exactly the best quality but I’ll settle for that. It didn’t make the adventure any less powerful as it came to be, alhamdulillah. Times like this, it’s best to weigh your options and appreciate everything you do have.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – especially if you can’t do anything about it.

This was just the first of the many lessons I had to learn during the trip and oh boy, was I glad it happened!

You always have a choice to react in a positive or negative manner to everything that happens to you. What choices are you making?

See, iPhone4 photos aren’t too bad. 😉

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