118. Keep calm

I’m sure many would have heard by now news of the inhumane incident that happened in London yesterday.

It is absolutely barbaric and I cannot fathom how anyone could possibly be filled with so much hate to commit such heinous crimes.

It is a selfish act and unfair to the rest of the Muslim population, especially those who have been tirelessly doing their best to advocate peace, understanding and rightful awareness.

There have been various warnings issued by multiple organisations, including the police, for Muslims to be extra cautious and aware. There are reports of mosques and individuals getting attacked, especially sisters wearing the hijab.

Honestly, I never thought I’d actually go through this in my life. This fear is real.

My heart and prayers goes out to the people experiencing this every single day. My respect to those who still soar high despite this crippling fear.

“When you have Allah, what is there to fear? Trials, tests, even death, are merely means to get closer to Him. Is not Allah sufficient for His servant?”

Please help make prayers for all the Muslim brothers and sisters in the UK and all over the world. May we be kept steadfast in our faith and in our quest to uphold the true peace message of Islam.

I will be wise and stay indoor these few days as I wait for this tide to pass – especially since I stay within an area with a large Muslim population and within close proximity to the mosque.

All will be well, inshaAllah. I will wait for the day when I can head to the mosque for jemaah prayers in peace again.

Allahu musta’an.

2 thoughts on “118. Keep calm

  1. I really appreciate this post, it’s easy to forget about about the good honest people that follow Islam when we hear of events like this.

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