117. Backlog


I just got back from a quick trip across the Irish Sea – yup, right smack in the middle of exams week.

I cannot believe how perfect the timing was.

Just before I left, I found out some devastating news, the kind that made me feel guilty even though I knew none of it was my fault. It was a crippling feeling & it threatened to ruin my significant progress. I am so so so glad I was taken away from all the negativity & thrown into nature once again to redirect my energies, refocus & heal.

Allah is kind.

On another note, I know I have a terrible backlog of entries. Not that it’s something I’m complaining about though, it just means I’ve been travelling more than I have a chance to blog – that’s a good thing. 😛

I’ll be back soon with more entries on Seeking Spain, the astrolabe workshop I attended a few weeks ago, Chester and of course, Ireland!

Till then, wish me luck for exams! xx 🙂

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