115. En route to Granada

Travelling around Andalucia is extremely convenient. All the major cities are located a few hours away from each other by bus. The public transport system is efficient, easy to navigate and most importantly, cheap.

The main service to take is Alsa, a bus company that operates coach services around Spain. Their buses are comfortable, run frequently, and did I mention cheap? 🙂

The bus ride from Malaga to Granada took a little under 2 hours and was only €11!

I left my hostel in the morning, walked to the bus station (told you it was a good location) and bought my ticket over the counter. I didn’t buy the ticket beforehand on the website because I was travelling on whim. Didn’t have much of a concrete plan at all – all I was concerned with was getting to Granada in time to have a bed to sleep in that night. The  hostel I was heading to has 24-hours reception anyway, so whoopdeedoo!

One of the things I really love about solo travel: I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and at whatever pace I please. 😀

(Photos taken on my iPhone4)

I do have to say, I was floored by the gorgeous Andalucian countryside while in the bus ride.

In the 2 days I was in Malaga, I fell in love with Andalucia, thanks to the Alcazaba, the warm people and the absolutely beautiful weather.

Little did I realise, it was just the beginning.

Granada was where all the fun happened.

Can’t wait to share more soon! I better get back to revision now! 🙂

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