109. River Dee


I was sitting by River Dee, absorbed in my thoughts as I journalled. I’ve a habit of shutting out everything when I journal, of turning inwards as I pour my thoughts onto paper. Not exactly the best/safest habit to have when I journal outside but hey, it’s alright.

At one point, I was vaguely aware of someone walking past me and sitting down next to me. I thought s/he was just enjoying the river like I was, until I heard, “So you’re keeping a diary aye? Not many do that anymore.”

Looked up to see one of the most sincerest smiles I’ve seen in a while. Dave started talking like he’s known me for ages. We eventually got into a very nice conversation once he realised I speak English fluently. Dave was born and raised in Chester but has been to many places all over thanks to his job. He’d just came back from an 18months stint in China and was even in Singapore for the Grand Prix last year! He shared with me his philosophy of going places, meeting people and taking chances. I bet starting the conversation with me was him taking a chance, or well… I don’t really know what his intentions were (I take it that whatever his intention was it’s good and pure. 😛 ). Whatever it is, I’m glad it happened for I had a good 20 minutes of conversing with someone on an otherwise solo trip.

I don’t think I’ll ever meet him again (we didn’t exchange contact information or anything) but it was just really nice to have someone come up to me and strike up a mindful conversation. In Chester too, out of all places! I love interacting with people, especially with people who look beyond the hijab. ♥

Life sure has a funny way of putting people into your path.


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