108. YNWA

The Sunday Syifah left to head back to London, I realised I was starting to slip downhill – o’oh.  But by His grace, I was picked up once again when on Monday, I took a bus ride out to Liverpool (♥!) to meet a wonderful soul at my favourite place!

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Saliha messaged me on Facebook a while ago to say she’ll be in Liverpool for a day. I grabbed the chance to meet her then cos a) I love her (she’s great!) and b) I love Liverpool.

* Photos are a mix of mine and Saliha’s! 🙂

She managed to get tickets to a Barclays Premier U21 Leagues between Liverpool and Tottenham and oh boy, was I excited! Finally, a chance to enter the stadium! The last time I went to Liverpool, I couldn’t do the tour of Anfield as I was late. All I managed to see was the museum and the shop (where I went slightly nuts shopping, hahah).

But I’ve digressed…

This time round, I didn’t only manage to enter the stadium but I got to see a match! Woweee, dream come true! 😀 Granted, it’s only a U21 match but hey, soccer in Anfield IS soccer in Anfield. One more thing off my bucketlist! 😉

It was a beautiful day in Liverpool but my gosh, we were freezing in the stands! Do not be deceived by the weather in the UK. If you’re coming in winter/spring, make sure you layer up!

It was too bad we couldn’t do a tour of the place though. I would have been so ecstatic to get inside the changing room! 😛 It’s okay, I shall leave that day to when I visit Anfield with my brother (inshaallah!) cos only he can understand and will go crazy with me. 😉

After Anfield, we went to get some food at the cafe/bar the Beatles used to hang out at!

Took a walk down to Albert Dock – many photo opportunities for them and the perfect place to recharge for me.


It was such a fun day with great people! I laughed so much and smiled so wide. 😀 I enjoyed myself so much, I lost track of time and had to rush to the bus station to get back to Manchester! Thankfully they offered to bring me to the bus station by cab. 😛

On hindsight, I realised that the meetup was really timely. I was at a point where I was still struggling and to have wonderful people sent my way to help me along was a blessing. To think that we’d planned it innocently a few months earlier! Surely, His plans work in the best of timings and ways.

Watching a match in Anfield was definitely a huge high for me and to have someone who knows both parties (she’s the ex’s primary schoolmate) to talk to was, to say the least, a relief. I needed a different perspective and I got it, alhamdulillah. 

It definitely prepped me up for my Spain trip which happened 2 days after! Ahhhh, now that’s an adventure! Will be back with that soon! 🙂 ♥

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