104. Near

I was actually drafting out my second London post but something too incredible happened today, it just has to take precedence!


Taken on my iPhone4. 🙂

I was feeling uneasy and angsty the entire day, either from fatigue, PMS, getting caught in the rain or a combination of all three. I remembered passing by this particular mosque last weekend and being so surprised. It was less than 7 minutes away from my hall! Mind you, I’ve been staying here for the past 3 months and I never knew a mosque was so near! I wasn’t able to visit it the past few days but I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to welcome Friday there. What better place to seek solace, right? Brilliant decision.

It's a big mosque! And I did get a bit lost trying to find it but that doesn't matter now. :)

It’s quite a big mosque.  I did get a bit lost trying to find it but that doesn’t matter now. I now know of the existence of Manchester Central Mosque! 🙂

I cannot describe the moment I heard the adzaan for maghrib being called out in the mosque. My heart welled with so much gratitude and shame; my eyes started tearing. How can I ever forget the greatness of His mercy and blessings? Such wisdom in His timing too, mashaallah! There is nothing like being away from home and then being in a mosque, I have to tell you that. I just felt so at home. Ahhh, I was down and He gave me relief. ♥

But you know what made this night even more brilliant?

Stumbling upon this video by Nouman Ali Khan, talking about Allah’s mercy and how near He is to His slaves. My heart grew multifold just watching it. ♥ I definitely recommend you to take the time to watch it too! 🙂

Mashaallah, I am so so so happy now just writing about this. Thank you Ya Rabb, thank You for never giving up on me. :’)

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