98. Lake District: Aira Force Waterfall

On the 16th of March, I took a little daytrip up north of Manchester to the Lake District. It’s a little tradition I wish to continue: to try spending every 16th with/in nature. This particular trip marked my 2nd month abroad and woefully, another unexpected devastating event.

The Lake District is a UK National Park located in Cumbria in North West England, and is famous for its stunning lakes, forests and mountains. All the land in England higher than three thousand feet above sea level lies within this National Park and it also contains the deepest and longest lakes in England, Wastwater and Windermere, respectively. (source)

On this trip, I’d visited two places: Aira Force Waterfall and Ambleside. I’m going to divide it into two posts just for ease’s sake. 🙂

What I’ve always loved about huge waterfalls isn’t only the waterfall per se, but the hike towards it. More often than not, it’s located inside a forest and well, what better way to get closer to nature than hiking through it? It’s the effort that makes it so much more beautiful! ♥

I did some research prior to the trip and got excited reading this:

Aira Force, a tumbling waterfall drops an impressive 65ft and can be reached by an enchanting stroll through ancient woodland and landscaped glades. The perfect place for a family walk and picnic. (source)

It sure wasn’t kidding when it said ‘enchanting stroll’ because oh boy, was I utterly mesmerised!

How are all these even real? How can anyone be immersed in such beauty and not question about the existence of a Higher Being?

“And it is He who spread the earth and placed therein firmly set mountains and rivers; and from all of the fruits He made therein two mates; He causes the night to cover the day. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.” [13:3]

As I witnessed nature at its best, I felt a certain calm envelope me. It was like a warm hug putting my tumultuous heart to rest.

I had just broken up less than two days earlier and to say my whole worldview was a mess at that point is an understatement. I was determined to be gracious about the whole nightmare but I am just human. With every few steps I took bravely and with my chin up, I’d stumbled to the ground.

It wasn’t easy. I was too far away and had little control over how things were unfolding. I was finding out the truth one after another and it was getting too much to handle. I demanded myself to be strong; my loved ones expected me to be strong. That’s just who I am or really, who I’ve brought myself up to be.

But at that point, my inner strength was waning. My core support group was in Singapore and I was practically alone. I needed something more. There and then, I couldn’t be more aware of the beauty of His timing and the nearness of His help.

I’d planned this trip way back, more than a month prior. I didn’t expect it to be more than a trip into nature and getting in touch with my favourite element: water.

It turned out to be so much more.

As I hiked through the forest and sat by the waterfall(s), I soaked in the energy pulsing in it. I realigned my thoughts, calmed the crazy waves of emotions and strengthened my core being. You see, water doesn’t only cleanses and purifies, it revitalises my soul too.

It was a powerful experience.

I realised that there are bigger things than drowning in the misery of being betrayed. I learnt that just because I trusted someone with all my optimistic being does not make me weak. I accepted that I am tested because He loves me. I embraced the fact that what was happening was the answer to my prayers.

It wasn’t easy but I knew He was with me and I began to be at peace.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but being surrounded by nature made me strong. It filled up my strength and love tanks and really, how can I remain in misery when I’m surrounded by such beauty?

I’m not ready to be entirely open about the whole episode but let’s just say, I’ve crossed the bridge towards something better now and there’s no turning back. I am in a better place and I’m so grateful I was on this particular trip. Everything happens for a reason and in its own time and pace. 🙂

Have faith. ♥

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