97. Stonehenge

On the second day of the Bath overnight trip, we took the bus out to Stonehenge. I was personally very excited to see it cos hey, it was on my bucketlist!

Firstly, if there is any tip I can give to anyone who’s going, it’ll be: LAYER UP!

It is located in a vast field with stretches of land on all sides so the temperature is significantly lower than in Bath! I was absolutely freezing when I got there!

I’ve got to say, seeing it right in front of me was AMAZING. I just couldn’t…. It was unbelievable.

I’ve seen it in encyclopedias, pictures, documentaries… Now I was seeing it in real life.

I’ve heard some people say “They’re just a bunch of rocks, what’s so special about it?” (oh the blasphemy!) and I guess I can see how to the unthinking mind, it really is nothing special.

Personally, I believe that it is the very fact that so little is known about the rocks that makes it such a wonder. It makes people think and give it so much meaning. Why are these rocks formed in such a manner? How and why did people then carry these rocks over long distances to this particular spot? Why were these rocks carved out purposefully?

I was listening to the audio guide (which is quite handy) and my brain was just going crazy thinking of all the possible explanations. It is truly mindblowing cos these rocks are hugeeee and heavy, yet arranged in such a purposeful manner!

Was it aliens? Magic? Spirits? Just a bunch of slaves? Who knows?

It is human nature to (try to) figure things out. We want to be able to grasp meanings and fit them into compartments in our idea of life. Which is precisely why it is so humbling to know that despite all the advances (or degeneration, however you want to look at it) of the human race, there are still things in the world that cannot be understood. It leaves behind a healthy thirst for knowledge.

So near yet so far… I wished I was able to actually touch the stones but we were roped out. It makes sense though, for one can only imagine the atrocities man can do it should every visitor be allowed to get so near.

If you’re in the UK visiting London or Bath (or anywhere in the South part, really), I would really recommend taking the drive out to Stonehenge. It’s really a treat for the mind, I believe, and hey, I’m sure you grew up learning about it with the other wonders of the world!

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to witness it first hand. Nothing quite as exhilarating as crossing something off your bucketlist! ❤

4 thoughts on “97. Stonehenge

  1. Wow, I only saw and read about the formation of it in my Geography books! This looks amazing! Lucky you! Love your travelling exploits stories!

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