96. Bath (Part 2)

I was actually contemplating on jumping straight to my Spanish adventure but I thought that
a) it wouldn’t be fair to the memories of the earlier (unblogged/unreflected) trips since each trip is so special in its own right and,
b) I still need more time to process and reflect upon my trailblazing through Spain before I can kinda get my head around the whole thing. So I’ll do myself a favour and pick up from where I’d left off. I’d get to the spring break posts soon enough. 🙂

So the last I’ve mentioned about Bath, I’d talked about the history freak in me going nuts cos of the Roman Baths. Well, it wasn’t the only freak that was unleashed in that quaint little place cos the literary freak was soon to emerge too.

“You have bewitched me, body and soul.”

Seems familiar? How about this other clue? 🙂

So yes, the English major and the English Literature major spent their afternoon in Bath here:

Not much of a surprise, no? 😛

It is really a small museum, to be honest. We entered this small house, was greeted by a member of the staff who gave us a brief introduction to Jane Austen, her family and their relationship with Bath and were then ushered to the basement where the permanent exhibition was.


There wasn’t really anything special about it though so I’d only recommend it to Literature students/lovers. One of the most fun things we did was writing using quill and ink, so you get my point. 🙂


           SAM_4216 SAM_4215

We did a couple of other things around Bath, like going to the Bath markets, the Royal Crescent and just walking around to soak up the atmosphere. We also had pretty amazing ice-cream and milkshakes there too! Who cares that it’s cold outside? 😛

Bath is a beautiful place that I feel brings you back in time. It was a place that gave me the space to move between time periods and explore all that is to see. My initial lacklustre attitude towards it eventually gave way to admiration and affection. I can see how anyone can fall in love with it. I truly wouldn’t mind going there again, just to soak up its beauty! 🙂

P.s.: If you’re thinking of heading there and not quite sure yet of what to do, give this website a visit! http://visitbath.co.uk/

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