92. Edinburgh – The tale of two towns (Part 2)

Besides the remarkable juxtaposition of two unique towns, Edinburgh is also quite known for its nightlife… Or so it seems from the remarks I keep getting from my friends here, both locals and exchange students.

When I say nightlife, it really is more than just the nightclubs and bars (though I’ve got to say that those are buzzing at night). The city transforms at night and shows you the side you choose to see.

A couple of us had gone down one of the streets that was the pulse of Edinburgh’s nightlife – I forgot its name – and I had quite an experience. It was a Saturday night, you see, and it seemed like there were so many groups of people having their bachelor(ette) nights! Among others, there were women all decked out in matching dresses wearing Bridesmaid sashes, and there were men all dappered up in suits with the (I suppose) groom-to-be wearing the kilt. But what was absolute epic for me was this:


Okay we didn’t get a picture with them BUT… can you imagine twenty guys wearing the Robin costume and the groom-to-be wearing the Batman suit, all walking about the streets of Edinburgh? That was definitely an entourage that I will not forget in a very long time! HAHAHAHA.

Anyhoos, like I said… Edinburgh changes at night. Old Town, especially, takes on quite an eerie feel.

Perhaps it’s the architecture, perhaps its the fact that it dates back to medieval times, lending it so much history and myths… Whatever it is, one thing that is recommended at night in the city is its ghost tours.

There are a couple of companies running these tours and a variety of options to choose from. You can choose to go for the really scary ones or you can choose the ones that are catered for the faint hearted. Whatever it is, I’d say it’s quite a fun thing to add on your to-do list!

I had a pretty good guide who got into character and delivered the ghost stories of the different places in Old Town very well. She had good control of voice and managed to give me the creeps. In fact, I’d jumped when she popped a popper in the underground vault after telling a ghost story of a child who was tortured in it! Then again, that might just be me being faint-hearted. 😛

I’m not going to share the details of the ghost tours just because some of you may be going on the tour yourself, inshaallah, but I’ve got to say, it was definitely fun!


The tour ended past midnight and everyone was given a complementary shot at a bar (my friends gladly shared mine amongst themselves, haha). But to kinda give you an idea of how crazy it can get… As we were walking up the slope to the bar (Edinburgh is very hilly!) after the tour, a tipsy guy ran out to the middle of the street in front of us, dropped down to the ground, and started rolling down! All this while a taxi was driving down the hill behind him and his friends standing by the side laughing!! I didn’t know to laugh or to be in shock!

Oh boy, looking at all the drunk people we’d walked past on the way to the hostel, I was glad we made it back safely!

Anyway, there you have it. A little sneak peek into the nightlife in Edinburgh. I’ll be back with more stories about Edinburgh Castle! 🙂

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