88. Tracking down The Beatles

If there’s anything anyone should know about Liverpool, besides its history as a port and its football club(s), it’s the fact that it was the birthplace of The Beatles. Yup, just one of the best English rock band the world has ever seen.

And of course, like any other sane city would do, Liverpool celebrate its very best.

Allison and I wanted to get the most of the day, so we set out really early. We took the 8.45am bus from Manchester and arrived in Liverpool at 9.40am. Yup, the brilliant thing about Manchester is that it’s so, so near to Liverpool. It was the perfect day to be in Liverpool, with the sun being out and proud!


Since we arrived pretty early and most places have yet to open (including our eyes, hahaha), we decided to have some coffee first. Oh boy, was that a great idea! I’ve an inkling that the caffeine played a huge role in the day’s success. 😛

There is a private museum dedicated to The Beatles in Albert Dock – a mighty convenient location, truth be told. There are quite a few museums around the area but I’d say, it’s worth setting aside at least 2 hours to go through this particular museum.

One of the things I absolutely loved about the museum is the personalised audio tour. You’re given an audio guide upon entrance and you can choose to listen to the audio at the different checkpoints. It certainly gave the museum experience a lot more depth! What made it even more special was that it was narrated by Julia Lennon, John Lennon’s sister, herself.

The museum is definitely a must-go place, for both fans and non-fans of the Beatles alike. It traces the Beatles’ journey, right from its roots, to Beatlemania, to its dissolution and beyond. A rightful tribute, I must say.

I’ve got to admit this: If I was a teenager during the Beatlemania period, I can totally imagine myself going crazy over these young lads too! 😛

With the museum being the starting point of our journey, we ventured off to other parts of the city that have strong connections with the band.

We arrived at Matthew Street, the self-proclaimed birthplace of The Beatles.

It is at Matthew Street where both The Cavern and The Grapes are located, the two places that saw the start of the band’s journey.

The Cavern is a rock and roll club situated at the basement of a warehouse.

You had to go down a few flights of steps!

Dank, damp and dark, it is the very place where The Beatles were talent-spotted and where they played 292 times. The club today only occupies 50% of the original size but is still primarily a live music venue. In fact, there was live music being played when we arrived there!

I can only imagine how it would have been like for the place to be jampacked with (sweaty) people cramped together. Wouldn’t be any different from a concert’s mosh pit, possibly!

We ended the day’s Beatles-hunt by visiting The Grapes next, a bar located opposite The Cavern, where The Beatles would head to for a pre- or post- performance drink and to escape from their under-18 fans.

We didn’t sit at where they used to sit but hey, it was definitely interesting to have a sense of the atmosphere. Dated, I’ve got to say, but still quaint all the same.

I’m glad I went on this little adventure around Liverpool. You know, just another reason to love Liverpool more than I already do! ❤

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