86. Liverpool – truly, madly, deeply

Oh how can I possibly express how truly, madly and deeply I fell in love with Liverpool?

It was love at first sight.

I have been to so many fantastic places around the UK but this, this has got to be at the top of my list.

Don’t get me wrong. Some may be reading this and be thinking, “Are you for real? You’ve been to Stratford, York, Oxford and the likes but Liverpool is your favourite?!”


I love it so much, I visited in twice within three days. Yup. First, with the International Society. Second, with Allison. ♥

No kidding!

Anyone who knows me well enough will know why. (Hint: lots and lots of water)

In many ways, Liverpool is similar to Manchester, being a city and all. In many ways too, it is different.

For one, it is wayyyyyy more beautiful than Manchester! Both are cities but Liverpool, with its dock and rich architecture, is absolutely breathtaking. Of course, thanks to its history as a major port, it was a bustling place in the 18th and 19th century, leading to much investments.

The fact that it is by the river Mersey didn’t hurt either.

Even walking around the city centre itself gave me a very different feel compared to Manchester. (Ok I should probably not compare it too much, but ahh, it’s difficult.)

Fun fact: in 2004 the whole of the waterfront and docks was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site because there are more listed buildings here than in any other city in England except London.

But of course I did much more in Liverpool than just walk around and sit by the water (which I was fully inclined to do, to be honest) but I’ll keep that for another entry. This entry is a love dedication to my favourite place by far. 😉

Perhaps its position by the river made the air crisper and fresher, or the city is truly magical in its own right.

Whatever it is, it’s just the kind of love that the heart can’t truly explain you know? 🙂 ♥

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