85. York – Part 2.

Another striking component of the York trip: Vikings.
Lots of them.

Vikings walking the streets, chatting up visitors, drinking coffee…. You know, just a normal day in York.

No biggie at all.

Pretty awesome isn’t it?

I was thrilled (and to be honest, like a little kid) when I saw the first Viking walking on the streets. Jakun, you know. I mean, c’mon, these are people that I’ve read about in books! In fact, I’d read a period novel based on the Viking invasion right before I left Singapore, so yeah, was excited to the max!

But no, before you start forming false ideas about York (hahahah), this is not normal. All these gimmicks people are part of the Jorvik Viking Festival, an annual festival that celebrates Viking heritage and traditions which takes place across York in February. The festival sees hundreds of Vikings descend of the city of York where they demonstrate battle drills, training routines and you know, just mingle with everyone.

I was really lucky to be able to get on this trip to York and perfectly coincide it with the Viking Festival, to be honest. I am such a history freak and to be able to witness such a celebration of the past and a lost people’s tradition… It’s just a treat, like a kid let loose in a candy store!

Besides oogling (hehh) at the Vikings, I did manage to head to one of the key Viking strongholds in York, the Clifford Tower.

Clifford Tower is the only thing that remains of York Castle, which was built by William the Conqueror. It is situated on top of a tall mount and provides a panoramic view of York.

Other than that, I really just soaked up the atmosphere of the Viking Festival. If there is one thing that I found a bit irksome about York, it’s how expensive some of the visitor attractions are. Okay, granted, the place thrives on tourism but still, most of the places requires an entrance fee (which isn’t ‘cheap’). I was hesitant about paying for some of the attractions because of the price AND the fact that there were such long queues for most of it, so I settled with roaming the streets and getting a feel of the place. Of course, no complaints there, cos that’s what I like to do anyway. 🙂

Despite not visiting any of the museums or whatsoever, I had an incredible time nonetheless!

Beard competition! How cute is that?! 😛

I’ll end this with a video I managed to capture of the Viking March. It is extremely cool! I highly recommend watching the entire thing! 😀

So that was my York trip! Till the next time! ❤

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