81. Theatre of Dreams

In my first few days here in Manchester, I was informed by a fellow exchange student that the Student Union sells tickets for Manchester United FA Cup matches for extremely cheap.

Hey I’m not a soccer fan but watching a match live here was definitely on my bucketlist!

And what better way to strike that off my list with a ticket that costs only £21.50! Mind you, that’s practically half price since tickets were going for at least £35!

So when I found out that the tickets for the ManU – Reading match was on sale, I’d rallied a couple of friends together and off we went!

I was pretty excited when I saw the police on horses! Horsiessssss. 😛

The seats we got were pretty high up but hey, I’m not complaining cos a) it was frigging cheap and b) being in the stadium is experience enough!


It really is quite an experience to be in the stadium with nearly 70,000 other people cheering for the team. No wonder they say playing on home ground is one of the best feelings. The fans are crazyyyyy!

Pardon the shaky video, was too darn excited!

I’m definitely glad I took the time to head out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Alhamdulillah!

Not sure if I’m willing to go through the crazy traffic after that though. 😛

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