79. Betws-y-coed

The last stop for the day was Bewts-y-coed (trust me, I only found out how to pronounce that after I googled it!) which was just a 15 minutes bus ride from Blaneau Ffestiniog.

Betws-y-Coed (“Prayer house in the wood) is a village and community in the Conwy valley in Conwy County Borough, Wales. It has a population of 534 and lies in the Snowdonia National Park, in a valley near the point where the River Conwy is joined by the River Llugwy and the River Lledr, and was founded around a monastery in the late sixth century.

Along the way, someone in the bus exclaimed, “OMG we’re in Middle Earth!”

I couldn’t blame him for his cute outburst.

It’s an interesting village, the first of its kind I’ve ever set foot in. It has mostly stone architecture and the river that passes through it just gives it a very surreal feel.

You know… I could very well be in Middle Earth!

But of course, when there’s water, there’s Atikah.

The main attraction for me was the River Llugwy.

I felt like it was an apt end to the day. Started the day with the beautiful coast in Port Meirion, ended it with the calming river in Betws-y-coed. It’s like it came a full circle to honour the beauty of the day.

On a side note, before I end for the day’s trip…

I’d always wondered how it feels like to stay in these places. Where do the kids go to school? I did not see any schools the whole day, by the way. (Teacher in me thinking, hahah.) Hmm, but then again, how lovely it is to wake up and constantly be greeted by such greatness of His creation. I couldn’t help but feel wonder of the symphony and balance of life and nature I witnessed that day.

Perhaps Singapore will never be able to reclaim such a natural state of being ever again.

And perhaps if I ever hunger for such a feeling of harmony with nature again, I’ll just have to leave and search for it elsewhere.

Just food for thought. 🙂

I’ll be back with a post about Warwick Castle and the ManU – Reading match soon, inshaallah!

Till then, take care and live your life! ❤

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