78. Port Meirion

I’m a big believer of grabbing opportunities that come my way so in true Atikah style, I’ve packed my weekends (up till Easter break) with trips. Hey, why spend my weekend in my room lazing around when I can be trooping around the country, right? 🙂

Last Saturday, I went on a day trip to 3 places in North Wales- one of which included the train ride of a lifetime. I’m going to break up the trip into 3 entries, just so it seems a bit more organised.

Before I share more about the picturesque places, let me just remember the significance of the 16th of February 2013. It was the third anniversary of the mister and I (yay, who would have thought we’d last till now?) and also, one month since I’ve started on this life-enhancing journey. A day for me to celebrate all these milestones, I’d thought. I knew I had to do something brilliant on the day so… I was extremely pleased when I found out that a trip to North Wales was scheduled for the day!

And what a celebration it was, alhamdulillah!
(My idea of celebration is to chill out by the beach, nothing expensive needed. 😉 )

Now where do I start…..

Port Meirion….

It took quite a long, windy bus ride to North Wales so I was pretty much ready to jump off the bus to get some fresh air when the bus entered Port Meirion!

If there’s one word for the village itself, it’s eccentric.


It’s a village in North Wales with 50 buildings, built to replicate an Italian village, has a Buddha in the square (???), and topped off with a stunning coastal walk. Say whaaaaaat?!

I was pretty amused by the village itself, with the whole craziness of colours and style and the fact that it’s purely a tourist village.

Not realllyyyy your average village aye?

Of course I was thoroughly amused with the village but I’d done my research beforehand. I knew the main attraction (for me) has got to be the coastal walk so off I went on my own!

I knew it my heart that it was going to be my moment – my time to reconnect with my soul and just… be.

It was going to be my alone time with myself and the best place for me to do that is without a doubt, by the water. I’ve got a profound relationship with water, you see.

And oh boy, was I overjoyed when I saw this!

Absolutely jawdroppingly gorgeous!

Fell in love with the coastal walk and all its eccentricities.

I eventually found the perfect spot to sit down, contemplate and… eat my lunch. 😛

On the rocks, no less (which kinda looked like fossilized trees, actually.) ❤

There was just something extremely humbling about sitting there quietly, with no one around and… just having the vast beauty around me.


“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Couldn’t have paid a better tribute to the 16th of February. ❤

But of course, that was just beginning…

To be continued!

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