75. Oxford – Part 3

Christ Church is one of the largest constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. As well as being a college, Christ Church is also the cathedral church of the diocese of Oxford, namely Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.

Like its sister college, Trinity College, Cambridge, it was traditionally considered the most aristocratic college of its university.


Stepping into the grounds of Christ Church College through the War Memorial Gate, I felt the sense of entering a sacred land.


It was awe-inspiring and unnerving at the same time, facing the formidable architecture of the place.

The college itself is located on a vast piece of land, with green fields sprawled all around it.

Of course, entry into the college itself costs money (hey, why pass on a money-making opportunity right?) and it was £5.50 for students, £7 for adults. Flashed my student card, got the cheaper rate and in I went!

Trust me, I had no idea what I was in for.

I felt like I’d stepped into Hogwarts.

Gosh, I knew my time would come sooner or later! The owls just kept missing my mail! 😛

One thing’s for sure as you walk through the hallways: you know it’s old – you can feel it’s been around for some time.

Tom Quad

One of the many things that took my breath away. My goodness, can you imagine being a student here?!

The Great Quadrangle, more popularly known as Tom Quad, is one of the quadrangles of Christ Church, Oxford, England. It is the largest college quad in Oxford, measuring 264 by 261 feet.

The vastness of the quad, the details of the buildings around it, the sense of how small you are in the middle…

Mind you, this was built and completed some time in the 16th-17th century!

Y’know… If that was how it felt in Tom Quad, I truly cannot fathom how it’ll be like to be in Masjidil Haram and in front of the Kaabah. Masyaallah! May I be given the blessings to be invited to the Holy Land one day, ameen!

But once again… I’ve digressed.

Back on track! Right… Once we were done with admiring Tom Quad, we headed back in and prepped ourselves for the highlight: what was on top of this staircase!

The Great Hall

Recognise this movie still?


C’mon, everyone knows Harry Potter. It’s only just…. the best children book series evaaaaaa, which of course, just had to be taken to the big screen!(Yes, I am extremely passionate about HP. It’s my childhood. I lived, ate, breathed, slept Harry Potter since I was 7, when the first book was released.)


Hogwart’s Great Hall was based on Christ Church’s Great Hall. The latter isn’t as big as the former though, the film set version that was created is twice as big.


It was an absolute dream come true for these two HP freaks!

It is still a fully-functioning dining hall – the residents of Christ Church still have their meals in this hall. In a time when dining halls in college are just filled with plastic tables and chairs arranged haphazardly around, this was just a tad bit too surreal for me. It’s just so…. prim, proper and uptight.

Look at all the portraits of great scholars of the past lining the walls! Can you imagine how stressful/inspiring it is to eat your meals in such accomplished company?

Then again, I was kinda wishing they’ll move like they do in Hogwarts. 😛

Can you imagine Dumbledore, Prof McGonagall or Snape sitting there? 😛

Mind you, I don’t normally smile with my teeth so… you know I was thrilled!

It was truly exhilarating to be inside the Great Hall – my inner child was dancing around like mad – knowing that it is not only a place of much history and scholarly intelligence, but also a place where a significant part of my childhood was based on.

Yet mind you… This wasn’t the most divinely beautiful (in all senses of the word) that I saw during my trip to Oxford. I’ll be back with that in my final installment of the Oxford entries!

Till then, take care! ❤

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