63. Walk with me

I thought I’d bring you along with me as I walk to school today.

It’s a good 15-20 minutes walk from my hall to campus, which means I get some decent physical activity into my schedule and fresh air daily. I refuse to buy the student bus pass cos I think it’s an utter waste of money. Besides, I love these walks; it’s the perfect time to clear my head and think. The beautiful buildings are a plus point and, now that exams are over, the university is pulsing with energy. I feel alive.


Diversity is everywhere in Manchester, from the buildings, the people and even the weather! A stunning blue clear sky can quickly give way to angry clouds, fierce winds and rain. I was literally swept off my feet earlier due to the strong winds! Lucky for me, a man was nearby to help me find my balance again. Definitely an experience. ❤

See what I meant about the sky? 🙂
Till next time, stay safe and live your life!

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