62. Burst

It was a good first day of school, alhamdulillah. Seems like the modules I’m doing here overlap with those that I’ve done in NUS, just taught from a different perspective. It’ll definitely be interesting, to study English (socio)linguistics from the perspective of speakers of ‘Standard’ English and compare it to the perspective taken by professors in NUS (colonial masters vs colonised, you may say?) – I’d say it’ll definitely make for an interesting and eye-opening semester!

I’d shifted my bed a couple of times around the room, trying to get a good position cos well, I’ve not been getting decent sleep ever since I’ve been here. I’d always wake up in the middle of the night and feel disoriented which, trust me, is not a nice feeling at all. I’d figured maybe it’s got to do with sleeping facing the door or a mirror or what nots, there are loads of these kinda of theories you know, so I finally settled with shifting the bed such that I’m facing the window. I sleep with the curtains drawn shut anyway and it seems like it’s working out fine. We shall see. Oh and of course, being the first day of school and all, I decided to spice up my room to mark the day! I managed to buy the cool bedding set for a steal at £4 at Asda! How cheap is that?! 😀 Needless to say, my room is a riot of colours right now, just the way I like it.

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