56. Open your eyes

So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me. [Quran, 2:152]

If there’s one thing that I have learnt from these past few days, it is to have faith in Allah’s plan. I have been in Manchester for four days now and time and time again, He has never failed to amaze me with the beauty and precision of His timing.

I was feeling slightly adventurous on Friday and had intended to head to Old Trafford alone. I had bought a weekly bus pass a couple of days earlier and wanted to, you know, fully utilise it. It was just a single bus ride away from the bus interchange anyway, so why not right? However, instead of heading there alone, I had the sense inclination to ask the other exchange students from NUS to go with me. It was all good initially but well, as it always happens with large groups, it didn’t work out because some people had other plans and opinions and all. At that point, I could have easily felt disappointed and walked away but alhamdulillah, He granted me patience and someone suggested to head to the National Football Museum, which on hindsight, was a much better plan.

(Oh I finally found out how to hide the rest of the entry so as to not clutter up my home page so if you’d like to read the rest – there’re lots of pictures, I promise! -, click on the link below!)

You see, the National Football Museum is located right outside – some may argue that it is within – the city centre and it is free of charge. Since we all met just after lunch, it meant we had a good 4 hours before the sun sets (yes, the sun sets at 4.20pm) and hence could really look around the museum. If we had gone to Old Trafford, it would have been a rush and maybe, just maybe, a wasted trip.

I’ll be very honest here: I’m not a big soccer fan. The only reason I actually bother to watch soccer is that I have 2 brothers, a boyfriend and a whole bunch of male relatives and friends who are fans. I made this visit to honour them. 😉 You guyssss, if you’re reading this, this is for you! 😛

That’s the actual FA cup trophy by the way!

I really liked the museum. Other than the fact that I am a museum freak, The museum is really interactive and is thorough in its descriptions. You can definitely feel the pride of the people who made this museum happen, and well, the pride of the English people in the game itself.

The first laws of Association football, 1863.

Interesting fact#1:

Interesting fact #2:

Interesting fact #3:

There are loads of other photos of the museum on my Facebook, these are the more personally significant ones! 🙂

Once we were done with the museum, this particular building caught my eye:

Beautiful, isn’t it?

We found out that it’s Manchester Cathedral and it’s been around since… forever. It apparently has a predecessor church on the same site in the Middle Ages and well, has grown since then. The current one is a medieval church and was said to have been completed in 1421! The interior of the church is just stunning but unfortunately, my camera’s battery died and I couldn’t take any pictures. There’s just something calming about places of worship and well, the echoes of history that resonates within the walls just sent chills down my spine and filled me with so much awe. I mean, generations of man have existed and walked through the same aisles and passageways and what am I but just a tiny speck of being?

*end of crypting musing*

By the time we were done with the two places, it was well past 3.30pm and freezinggggg. Oh boy, was I extremely thankful that we cancelled the Old Trafford plan, alhamdulillah! I ended up heading straight back to my (extremely warm) room and just… hibernated till dinner time. 😛

If I had proceeded to Old Trafford, it would have been a rushed visit, I’d have been left in the cold for longer and I doubt it’d be an enjoyable day. (Anyone can get cranky when left in the cold for long.) So right now, I’ve made a pact with myself to constantly remind myself that He knows best. I can plan but I’ve got to have faith that whatever happens is according to His wisdom. Definitely a lesson I’ve got to always remember on this trip!

Anyhoos, I had every intention to share another incident that happened the following day but my hallmates just came knocking on my door and invited me to hang out with them in the common room! I guess I’ll have to put that off till later!

Till the next time, leave me a comment or drop me an email and have a great day! ❤

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