53. Touchdown

Alhamdulillah, I have settled down well in Manchester! Well, mentally at least. I am so jetlagged now, it’s not funny. I was out for the day earlier, trying to get as much sunlight as possible (which isn’t a lot really), but still, it’s only 9.20pm and I’m just about ready to zonk out. So to try to keep awake for a while more – so that I wont wake up in the middle of the night – I’ll blog! 🙂

The 15hours flight was crazyyyy but oh what an experience!

I pretty much slept the whole way to Dubai and woke up only for the meals (hahaha what a sloth) but hey, at least I did have a pretty good companion during my meals! 😛

I never get sick of watching Adele’s Live at Royal Albert Hall. Pure brilliance!

I had the brilliant plan to sleep through the whole of the first 7 hours flight then staying awake for the next 7 hours (from Dubai to Manchester) so that you know, I can set my circadian rhythm right and avoid such a bad jet-lag. It worked, kinda, except that I slept a bit during the 2nd flight too! Way to go!

But really, aside from that, I feel really blessed throughout the journey from Singapore as I met some beautiful guardian angels along the way!

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m quite tak tahu malu friendly and will just walk up to random strangers and strike up a conversation when necessary.  C’mon, desperate times calls for desperate measures. I was transiting in Dubai when I saw this guy who was holding a Singaporean passport taking the same flight too. He looked like a student so… when we touched down in Manchester and was going through immigration clearance, I tapped his shoulder and asked if he was heading to UoM too. Of course he was! Better still, he’s an actual student there and had stayed in Hulme Hall in his first year! Alhamdulillah! He offered to share a cab with me so that he can ensure that I reach the place safely (awwww) and helped me with getting a sim card & all.  Trust me, it was definitely a huge blessing that I met him cos you know, it made things a whole lot easier!

Oh and we also met a supercutetakbolehangkat Arab guy who’s a student from UWA but was heading to Leeds University for exchange too! We were basically helping each other to get luggage and you know, have a proper social interaction after 15 hours of flight. We eventually parted ways when he took the bus to Leeds and I took a cab to Hulme. But but but!! I forgot to ask him for any facebook contact or whatever, except for his name and well, there are A LOT of Ali(s) on facebook. 😦 Oh well, I guess that was a good example of someone who crossed paths with me for a short while only.

Anyways, enough about the flight!

Let me show you where I’m staying:

That’s my block!

I’ve not taken pictures of my room yet but hey, I’ll keep that for the next entry! 😛

Okay my eyes absolutely cannot take it right now. I’ll be back with more updates! ❤

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