51. Hold my hand.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all next week and hope you all have a very safe journey.  Make sure you bring some warm clothing with you as snow is forecast (we have had some already!). Best wishes and see you soon! – email extract from UoM

It’s happening. MasyaAllah. It’s really happening.

Here I am, sitting at my study desk, wearing my winter shoes to break it before I leave and I’m just trying to take a second to breathe and take everything in.

Funny isn’t it? I’m suddenly dragging my feet when all these while, I’ve been so excited to spread my wings and fly. But I guess it’s not really that surprising. I’m sure everyone who’s in my situation get the jitters. Heck, it’s the jitters you get before your life irrevocably change forever in significant ways, say for example, before your wedding, the birth of a baby, a new house, going away for a couple of months, whatever.

I wouldn’t say I’m very fearful, no, not really. It’s more a feeling of apprehension, of the inability to dictate with 100% certainty and precision what is going to happen next. I have been trying to stay calm but there have been moments while in bed when I let my mind wonder and let a tear or two slide down. I guess you’ve got to embrace the apprehension, the uncertainty, the fear of the unknown before you can really move forward. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in feeling all these. Gosh, unless you’re an unfeeling fool, it’s perfectly normal! I’ll just have to remember that the plan has been mapped out and ultimately, He is the best of planners. I’ll just have to have faith that things will go the way they’re meant to.

Let go and let God.
(& remember to breathe.)

Most of all, I know that through it all, He will be by my side and guide me through. (Just as I will always be for my dearest babygirl, inshaallah. <3)

Having said all that, I am immensely grateful that everything has fallen into place nicely. Everything is smooth-sailing and I couldn’t have prayed for a better outcome, alhamdulillah. It is such a vast difference from the last time I was planning my escape trip to Australia for study! Perhaps, as a dear friend mentioned, it is because I am going with clear and pure(r) intentions this time round. Ahh, all I’m praying for now is that the rest of the trip is as smooth-sailing, inshaallah. 🙂

Anyhooos, to less sombre news!

I have finally purchased my luggage! 😀 My parents and I were Aeon Bukit Indah’s Universal Traveller when the prettyyyy colours caught my eye! I wasn’t intending to get a luggage bag but who can resist these pretty little things?!

Dad told me to choose a colour but the choice was as clear as day!


See, even Booboo approves! 😛

Now that luggage’s settled, all I have to do is….. pack. *shudders*

I have also been using up my time wisely by meeting up with people who are dear to me. ❤ See, one of the things I love most is the chance to reconnect with people who I hold close to my heart. To those of you who have met up with me, you know who you are, thank you for the time and the conversations. They are of great significance to me, truly. 🙂

Now, I have just about a full day and a couple of hours more before I take flight. May He ease my affairs and keep my intentions pure, ameen.

Till the next time, have a fulfilling day everyone! ❤

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