48. Take your place

Alhamdulillah, after checking my email every 15 minutes (trust me, that was what I really did) for the past 2 days, I finally received my offer of accommodation at 12.56am this morning! I was actually already about to go to bed and I’d made a promise that it was going to be the last time I checked before going to sleep. Lo and behold! Last time’s the charm! I immediately switched on my room’s light and started prancing around the room. Dad even knocked on my door to check what the commotion was about! Hahahahha. I was soooo happy because hey, now I don’t have to worry about a place to stay at! Even dad said, “Baguslah, taklah kau merempat kat sana.” Way to go dad!

But anyway, before I go on to share with you where I’ll be staying in Manchester, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who have emailed/facebook messaged/twittered/whatsapped me about the blog and sharing your thoughts on it. It was especially difficult to talk about my time in ANU but I have found my release and have accepted my fate and all your kind words have been very helpful too! I am immensely happy that some of my posts have inspired some of you, alhamdulillah! I shall do my best to share what I little I know consistently. 🙂

Oh and I have made some changes to the layout (weee pink polka dots!), so now it will be easier to navigate and find past posts! Check out the right column! 🙂

So enough of digressing….

I have been offered a place at Hulme Hall!

It wasn’t my first choice for my first choice was St Gabriel’s Hall, an all-female dormitory. I mean, think about it, an all-female dorm will be so convenient so much that I don’t have to worry about wearing the hijab just to go to the shared toilet, you know. But oh well, alhamdulillah still!

Hulme Hall is a mixed dormitory which is fully catered and is one of the oldest halls in Manchester (major like!!). It is located very near Curry Mile, which apparently is one of the happening places in Manchester and where a lot of halal food places are located! 😀 I can’t seem to find any decent photos online but ah well, the little that I’ve seen is enough to make me excited!

I am madly in love with these kinda old, brick buildings just because, you know, that’s how I imagined the whole Pride and Prejudice drama to be set it, hehh.

I’ll get my own room and all, and you can bet I’ll be taking lots of photos the first couple of days (and more)! Wait up for it!

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