46. At the beach

Told the mister I needed a day at the beach to rejuvenate and recharge my spirits, to which he gladly obliged.

I am a big fan of water, constantly seeking it to find peace and serenity. As a child, I never understood why and how such a large mass of water can lend such a powerful effect onto my state of being, but now I know.

The sheer monstrosity of the sea/lake/pond seduces you to believe that it is calm and unexciting, but you know that underneath it all, magic happens. The amount of sea creatures as of yet unheard of residing in it and the fact that the calm can, in the blink of an eye, change into a tormented whirlwind of energy, just captivate me. I have always been pulled by it and I never resist.

It was a chill out day – just the way I like it. I read, calmed by the sounds of the soft waves in the background.


The mister did his thing and fished. I do not understand fishing, nor do I intend to ever learn it but I’m just glad to support the mister in whatever he wishes to pursue. We’ve all got our own little things to do. I mean, can you imagine if we did all the same things? I’d think we’d kill each other before long!

Ahhh yes, it was definitely a good (lazy) day well-spent. ❤

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