45. Fly money fly.

If there’s one thing I’ve realised about going on a 7 months sabbatical exchange trip, it’s how much $$$ it requires. You need to spend on flight tickets, accommodation, food and all other manner of essentials like winter jackets and what not. And come on, if you’ve already got the opportunity to be a million miles away on foreign ground, you’ve got to travel! It’s just part of the deal! All that jazz adds up to some serious dough so I am especially grateful that most of it is sponsored, alhamdulillah. I’ve still got to fork out my own money and mum and dad have also contributed a bit so wowee, I can’t imagine those who go without sponsorship!

Anyway, mum saw a Universal Traveller Winter Wear Sale ad in ST on Saturday and immediately booked me for a date on Sunday. (hahaha yes they have to book me in advance) “Esok kau jangan keluar dating eh. Keluar dengan Mama & Baba.” Yes boss. I saw the ad on the table and oh boy, no way was I going to reject their offer to buy more essentials for the trip!

The sale is ongoing at all their boutiques (Jurong Point, Clementi Mall, Changi City Point, Tampines 1 & Plaza Singapura) but the best one I’d say is at their factory. I won’t say it’s a warehouse sale there, really. I think it’s more akin to a factory outlet sale.

Their factory outlet is at 15 Kaki Bukit View,near Jalan Tenaga (Ubi/Bedok Reservoir area) and it is open from 10am to 7pm.

If you’re as noob as me about all the things you need to get when you’re heading to a cold country, they’ve even prepared a list for us!

One of the first things you actually see when you enter the place is the thermal wear area. IT IS CHEAPPPPP! The price ranges from $15 to $69. The last I checked at Tampines 1, the most expensive (and supposedly best) thermal wear was going for $88 after the discount so yes, the prices at the factory outlet is definitely cheaper!

Okay I’ve got to be honest here, I had no idea that there are different types of thermal wear for different temperature ranges! Hahaha paiseh max. The last time I went overseas to study (more on this in the next blog entry), my mum was the one who prepared everything so I was pretty much ignorant about all these. Erkk, time to grow up much?

The lady at the store was very nice to recommend certain thermal wear to match the 2-6degrees temperature range AND my extremely low cold threshold. We decided to go for the 0-10 degrees thermal wear instead of the 5-15 degrees thermal wear, to which I am very sure I’ll be adding more layers anyway cos you know, I’m weak like that. I even bought the cheaper ones to erm, wear to sleep. HAHAHAHAH.

Spot my mum! Teehee.

The small items such as gloves, snow caps, wool socks etc are mad cheap! The jackets, coats and luggage bags are also going at 20-40% off so they’re definitely way cheaper than what you’d get at the boutique stores.

There are also some cute snow caps for toddlers too, of which my brother felt inclined to model for, hahahahah.

I actually fell in love with this down jacket which was only $159 (if I’m not mistaken) when it’s actual price was $235! But I made a promise to myself to only buy winter jackets after I’ve arrived in Manchester to avoid extra weight in the luggage and unnecessary spending, so I had to solemnly put it back on the rack. Boohoo. 😦

BUT what I did get to buy that was major pretty too was…

Ahhhh! The details! The ribbon! The everything!!

Best thing was, it was only $27! (Actual price was $35.) This was the kinda thing that you know you HAVE to buy, so bought it I did. :):

I bought a few more things, including wool socks (MUST HAVE for my poor feet), heat packs and vacuum bags, all of which amounted to less than $225! The actual price would have been way more than $370 (hahah my dad calculated hokay) so yes, it’s quite a hefty sum saved!

There was no mention of dates for the sale so I’d say, the factory outlet sale is constantly (??) ongoing, or you know, you can give a call to check. I’d definitely recommend heading there if you’re looking for winter wear! 🙂


Now, with all that shopping done, I am pretty much prepared for the trip, alhamdulillah. I’ve bought all that I need except for shoes. I’ve asked around and the consensus was to buy it once I’ve reached Manchester cos well, it makes more economic sense. The winter shoes here are wayyyyy too expensive! All I have to wear there are covered shoes. But of course, I got worried for my poor feet, cos you know, I don’t want to get frostbite or anything, considering all my shoes are flats and utterly unsuitable for cold weather. Errkk, morbid much!

Since I was around the area, I called the mister to accompany me to Payless Shoes at Tampines 1. Nasib baiklahhh member sanggup teman! The mister has always tried his best to drag me away from Payless Shoes cos he knows I’ll go crazy! It’s shoe heaven, I tell you!!! Especially for bigfooted people like me who will always walk away dejected from shoe shops cos they only stock up till size 8. Pfft!! #@!)(#%$@(!!

So the intention to head to Payless was to buy… covered shoes, right? Once I walked in, that was obviously thrown out the window and I went ahead to browse and try on so many other shoes but the covered ones, heheh. The mister got bored and erm… went ahead with his nonsensical antics.


Eh eh macam tak bersalah gitu eh.

Yes, that’s my mister for you. Extremely cekik darah. I was busy trying on heels and he was busy trying on female shoes! HAHAHAHHAAH. But you know, he was the one who found my covered shoes for me!

It was only when I saw him trying out the shoes that I remembered what I needed to buy! Thanks you! 😛

Good thing is… It was only $39.90!!! But of course, with every great discovery, there’s a catch! I saw a RED version of the shoes! OMGAHHHH! I was seriously contemplating on getting both but you know… I had the mister with me, lol.


Well, no prizes for guessing which one I eventually bought (hint: mister told me to be practical) but ahhh, my heart yearns for the pretty one! 😦

So that’s it for my shopping extravaganza! The only thing left to buy is a luggage bag and I’m good to go!

Till next time, have a great New Year! 😀

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