42. Shopping for Essentials

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be leaving for Manchester on the 16th of January, which means I’m arriving right smack in the middle of winter, with the range of temperatures being from 2-6 degrees celcius with chances of snow! Errr, yay?!

Pardon me for the lack of ecstacy but I’m quite apprehensive about this, mainly because… I have extremely lowtolerance for cold. I can barely be in an air-conditioned room set at 18degrees for more than an hour before I start shivering and chattering my teeth off! Plus, I’ve been to Canberra, Australia, right smack in the middle of winter too for about two months and oh boy, that wasn’t fun. I kept falling sick and my salvation were tonnes of Vitamic Cs and hot water!

Anywhoos, I shan’t complain much cos well, I chose to go in Semester 2 instead of Semester 1 (for some personal reasons) so it’s not as if I was thrown into a ditch without choice, right? So instead of beating myself up in self-misery and apprehension (haha, drama) I might as well enjoy, prepare and look forward to it right?! So what better way to prepare myself – besides building up the immune system – than to…. SHOP! Nyehehehe, typical girl solution there. 😛

I’m going to share two things that I thought was absolutely essential for the trip!

1) Firstly, the winter coat. And oh my! What prettyyyyyy winter coats are there!! I did a search on Google for winter coats and to cut things short… I went kerazeeeeee.

This was the first coat I went absolutely NUTS about! Lawaaaaaaaa kaaaaaan?? The whole high collar, double breasted, flare and inner-petticoat-ish lining deal is just divine! I was staring at this particular picture, imagining myself in it for so long, I think I kinda imprinted it into memory, hahahaha!

I then begrudgingly moved on, because you know, I need to be practical *shudders* and look for something that ensures warmth. Ya ya ya… But then again, I digressed…

OMGAHHHHH! Too prettyyyyyyy!!  I was particularly crazy about the red, purple and turqoise coats and the floral embroidery coat, no prizes for guessing why!

But of course, I’ve to be practical(erkk, starting to get allergic to this word, you know) so after taking into account advice from many people to buy a simple (and cheap) one in Singapore before going crazy in Manchester because the prices there are wayyy cheaper, I decided to go for a simple black winter coat.

I am not an avid shopper I usually shop online, by virtue that shopping physically in Singapore is a pain in the neck if you’re plus-sized but there is no way I’m going to buy a winter coat online! These kinda things, you need to test out, hold, touch here touch there, before purchasing so I immediately jumped on the suggestion to head out on a shopping trip in town with my girls!

It was my first time shopping in H&M (YES, kentals) but I was lucky! There was an end-of-season sale and the winter coats there were selling for cheap cheap cheap! I was actually considering buying the coat from WinterTime or Universal Traveller but after surveying the prices, I was quite turned off. I know, I know, these things don’t come in cheap but to spend nearly $300 for a winter coat is a tad too expensive, don’t you think? Anyways, I managed to grab my hands on the last piece of the largest size winter coat in the prettiest of silhouettes for a meagre price of $50! Oh boy was I lucky, alhamdulillah! It looks quite like this:

It’s double-breasted (MAJOR LIKE!!), has a belt and flares out so I was sold! Granted, it’s not as thick as those in the hardcore winter shops but I’ll be layering like mad anyway AND I have all the intention to buy a decent (and prettyyy) winter coat when I’m there anyway so this will do for now!

2)The other thing that I was looking for was a daily organiser. I’m quite the muddle-head so I need a planner/organiser to write out my appointments, assignment due-dates etc. I don’t really like planning it in the iPhone cos… I’m old-school like that.  The organiser is going to be crucial this time round because I’ll need to pen down Skype dates with the family and mister (and whoever else misses me, hehe), assignment due dates and… Europe travel dates! Need to plan plan plan!

We were actually thinking of getting it from Typo but one look at the utter mess in Typo 313@Somerset, we changed out minds. Where I found this gem of an organiser was in fact, a place that no one thought of! I’ll tell you where later but first, let me show you this brilliant piece of work!

Apt, isn’t it? I’ll be embarking on a travel adventure next year so this feels like it was meant to be! I am absolutely in love with the theme and design and the pink strap! The words on the front are also inspirational!

“If you want to go somewere, then pack up and go forward, follow your heart.”

LOVE IT! Trust me, it would have been perfect just as it is, with the design and stuff BUT, noooo, it goes further! It uses recycled paper so the paper has a rough texture and is dark, which makes the whole organiser even more.. travel-esque and lends it more character, if you know what I mean. There’s even a world map on the first page!

I am also absolutely in love with the weekly to-do list because hey, that’s going to be a great help for muddle-headed me AND I love making lists!

PLUS, it was only going for…. $12!WHAAAAAATTTTTT!!! I know right! Major cheap! Even better was that it was 2 for $20 for an array of designs so the girls and I bought one each so I only paid $10 for this baby! I tell you, it was definitely my lucky day alhamdulillah! It was like it was fated to be! Hehe. First, the winter coat, then this! And I got this on the third floor of Bugis Street at an accessories shop! Can you believe it? The unlikeliest of places! *does happy dance* I can’t really remember the exact shop, so sorry about that but I remember that it’s near a handphone accessories shop!

So there you have it! The two main things that I’ve bought for the Manchester trip. My parents will be taking me out to buy a lightweight luggage soon, so I’ll be blogging about that in good time, inshaallah! I’ve also had so many people asking me about the whole long-distance relationship that the mister and I will be embarking on, so that’s going to be another blog entry too!

Till then, take care and live your life to the fullest! ❤

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