35. Teach!

“In order to teach, one must always be willing to learn.”

Right after I came back from SC Thailand, I embarked on a new adventure (without much rest at all, mind you), which involved a whole lot of overeager-to-please children, getting my head around the curriculum and dipping my hands into some form of teaching. It was a short teaching attachment stint, which is part of my scholarship agreement with a particular ministry, just so… you know, I know what I’ve signed my blood for. Hehh.

It is a bittersweet position to be in right now, as I celebrate the four weeks of learning from other teachers and sharing my knowledge with others, while at the same time, knowing that I am incredibly ready to move on to the next adventure… and keep away from teaching as much as I possibly can. 😛 (I love being a student, thank you very much.)

In all honesty, I’ve got to say… My enjoyable experience is hugely attributed to the fact that I have these people at work!

It was my luck to have been posted to a school where two of my friends are currently teaching at, so I wasn’t really the loner from the get-go. They had immediately taken me under their wing and offered me warmth and protection throughout. For that, thank you lah you too!

If there is one thing that I will take away from the four weeks, it is the realisation that there are constantly opportunities to improve and grow.
Never. Ever. Remain. Stagnant.
Throughout my stint  in *insert school*, I have been pleasantly surprised to learn more from the students that I had anticipated, while at the same time learning from the experienced teachers. I hope that I will remember to hold on to this no matter where I am. Remember Atikah, always be in a state of progress.

It goes without saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and I feel blessed to have such an amazing experience.  I would gladly repeat the whole experience in a heartbeat!




Well, maybe not. I’d gladly choose being a student anytime! 😛

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