31. Where am I now?

Have you had times when you wake up thinking, “Where am I now?
I have, and recently too! Waking up in an unfamiliar room, needing to think and orientate myself to my surroundings again, before finally realising that I’m away from home..

Ahh… I’m in the outskirts of Bangkok now, in the beautiful university campus of Assumption University, for a 12-days camp stint with SuperCamp Thailand! Can you believe it that this this time last year, I was here as a team leader, ready to rock out with the kids during camp? Times sure flies. I was here for a full month last year for 2 consecutive camps and this year, hey, I’m here again!

SuperCamp Thailand 2011

 Why do I keep coming back? Why bother flying all the way to Thailand just for a camp, away from loved ones, when I can be at home chilling during the holidays?

Reason 1: The campus here is PHENOMENAL.

This is the view from my huge, airconditioned and comfortable dorm room.

This is the view when I step out of the hall of residence and want to chill out at.

They also have crazy Roman-influenced architecture here and bronze horses in the middle of the lake which I will eventually take pictures of, inshaallah, but yeah… You get my point. This is the kind of university campus that will never ever exist in Singapore.

Reason 2: The opportunity to work with and be friends with new and a diverse range of people.

Camp-wise, we’ve got a solid team this year. The staff itself is a mixing pot of cultures! We’ve got facilitators from America and team leaders from Thailand, Denmark, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore! Imagine the mix! We’ve got so more personalities in one camp than any of the camps I’ve ever been to! We’ve got people who can dance, sing, act, beatbox, rap, draw, write… It’s insane! This staff definitely has so much potential, the kids really have this camp set up for them.

Reason 3: I get to make a difference in kids’ lives.

Camp is just… the perfect chance to work with kids and create a positive change. Talking about kids.. They’ll be here in 2 days *gasp* so I’ve been trying to connect with as many staff as possible… Just cos when camp starts proper, the spotlight will be on the kids and staff interaction time will decrease. You see, the adrenaline and thrill of meeting new people with diverse backgrounds, people I probably wouldn’t meet if I’d stay in your comfort zone, is a craving that I get to fulfil every single camp, and oh boy, I’m not going to waste it. One of the reasons I keep coming back to do camp!

Reason 4: I get to do crazy things with other people and not get judged. 😛

What Site Administrators do during breaks.

Yes, that is a frying pan he is holding. 😛

Anyway, I’ve made a promise to myself  to document this journey as much as possible, so that I’ll be able to look back and re-experience it. Also, it’s been tough trying to keep in contact with my loved ones, due to the hectic nature of the day’s events and in the mister’s case, his lack of a smartphone (pfft), so I hope this will compensate for it. (Yes, I am safe and having a good time, don’t worry. :P)

Right.. It’s late and I probably should go to sleep now so let’s end this with a quote that I find so fitting to this occasion and an exceptional reminder to me. May we always choose well in life, ameen. 🙂

“I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life.” – Paulo Coelho

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