A Thousand Snaps

Bismillah ir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
“In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate”

I was in the car earlier tonight and had a little chat with Cikgu Latiff, after seeing Cikgu Pitchay off at the airport. He asked why I was no longer writing and, honestly, I had no answer other than laziness and procrastination – answers which I was not too proud of verbalising out to this man of literature. I simply smiled, to which he remarked that I should consider picking up the activity again and use it to my advantage – to use it to unload myself of the many things that I constantly worry myself with, to use it for my personal growth and development, and to use it to lift others up.

“Leave a legacy through your writings, step up to the plate and take the challenge.”

I headed home and felt an immense need to start writing again but as I logged onto my livejournal, I felt a sense of unease and heaviness in the heart. Perhaps, I thought, what I needed was a change, a breath of fresh air or a sense of a new beginning. That livejournal had been a dear friend to whom I had poured out various emotions and issues throughout the later years of my teenage life. It was filled with bouts of negativity and emotional baggage. Perhaps, it was time to move on and make a change. Especially now, what an apt time, when I am at a good place in life, with amazing and positive people who constantly pushes and builds me up. And a time when I am making conscious choices to be positive and bring the best out of myself and others. It was clear sense to move on and leave the past in another place.

So here I am, on WordPress. A physical and symbolic hijrah, or move.
May this be the start of a journey of growth, of reflections, and of development. Of both myself and the people around me, insyaallah.

I am truly excited of the boundless opportunities ahead.

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