253. The human heart.

It’s amazing what the human heart is capable of. Loving not only the self or fellow humans, but also animals and inanimate objects. We know nothing really lasts but we love anyway. We love hard, we invest, we devote. And yet, in the end, there’ll always be the tinge of regret of not being able…


252. Closing the chapter

I’ve been dragging my feet to write this entry for far too long. I woke up missing travelling, solo backpacking and writing, so I’m taking it as a sign. The time is right, in so many ways, for me to write this closing chapter. I’ve written all I needed to write (on this blog) on…


251. Sevilla: Real Alcazar

The past two days have been keeeeeraaazeeee – the good kind of crazy – alhamdulillah! Support and love for Wandering Wonderers have been overwhelming and I cannot be any happier at the moment. All those days and nights working on it have been for good indeed. :) But like I said, TheTudungTraveller will always be…


250. The big reveal!

Monday has never been filled with so much hope and fear at the same time. It’s finally ready. Click on the photo below to go to the latest TudungProject I’ve been working on. Or alternatively, head to Will you join me on this exciting new journey? (: * will always be my first baby,…


107. Old Trafford Tour

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Disclaimer: I am NOT a ManUtd fan, nor will I ever be. Before you annoying ManUtd fans start bugging me or whatever (you know some of you are guilty as charged, hahaha), I proudly assert that I am a Liverpool fan. Now let’s just live in harmony ok? Petty…

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87. RocketWorld

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I have an amazing timetable, alhamdulillah. My Mondays and Fridays are free, except for the occasional seminars (read: only three in the whole ten weeks) which fall on Mondays. I usually use up Monday to recuperate from the exhaustion of the weekend’s travels and Friday to explore Manchester. Last…